Advances in Hair Loss Treatments

The newest ARTAS Hair Loss TreatmentsEvery year, doctors and researchers around the globe work to understand more about the human body and its systems and ailments. One of these conditions is the hair loss of men and women and what methods we can take to stimulate hair growth. In 2021, Dr. Melamed at West LA Hair is introducing new hair loss treatments that are effective for patients.

ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Transplants

Combining the artistry of recreating hairlines with modern technology, the ARTAS iX is one of the best hair transplant procedures available. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ARTAS iX can recognize the best follicles that can be used as donors, remove them, and implant them without damaging any of the surrounding hairs. When combined with a skilled surgeon like Dr. Melamed, this technology can be used to the full extent to design natural-looking hairlines and provide a thick, healthy head of hair.

PRP & Stem Cell Therapy

West LA Hair utilizes leading-edge technology and methods to stimulate the growth and health of hair. Thanks to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells, Dr. Melamed is able to encourage the body to heal itself. These components contain life-giving proteins and growth factors. When obtained and processed using a high-resolution method, they can be infused into the scalp areas where there is hair loss. Thanks to this hair loss treatment’s natural properties, it is one of the most effective ways to treat thinning hair and maintain long-term results in patients.

Laser Hair Therapy

Studies have shown that low-level laser therapy can positively impact hair growth and counteracting thinning hair. This treatment works by wearing a cap-like device for 20 minutes; It produces photons that are then absorbed by the scalp. Once absorbed, the photons stimulate the mitochondria of cells and the scalp’s blood flow to increase energy production and protein synthesis. This reaction, in turn, boosts cell reproduction in follicles leading to hair growth. Low-level laser therapy is an integral part of treating hair loss and can amplify the effects of other treatments like PRP and stem cell therapy.

Vitamins & Supplements

New vitamins and supplements are researched and released every year. While there are only a select few that the FDA currently approves, there are still many other hair vitamins and supplements that have shown results regarding hair growth and health. At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed only recommends the best hair supplements. That’s why our top choices for our patients are Votesse™ and Viviscal™ Pro. These supplements are formulated from various natural components linked to hair growth and have undergone years of testing. Each of our supplements is designed to increase the body’s overall wellness, leading to improved hair growth.

At West LA Hair, we’re excited to use the most advanced hair restoration treatments available and to have Dr. Melamed’s expertise with each one. The key to successful hair restoration is customizing the treatment to the patient. Dr. Melamed’s proficiency in the area of hair loss enables him to design custom treatment plans that will lead to results for each patient.

Discover the treatment that’s right for you, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Melamed today!