How to Choose the Right Doctor for Your Hair Restoration Needs

During a hair restoration consultation, the physician conducting the consultation should take the time to take a full patient history to see if there are specific underlying conditions causing hair loss.  They should also ask about how the individual may feel about their hair and what their hair restoration goals are. These questions play a crucial role in identifying what treatment methods would be best to achieve the hair restoration goals while also compatible with the patient’s lifestyle and budget.

Questions You Should Ask Before and During a Hair Restoration Consultation

Who performs the hair restoration consultation and procedure?

This is one of the most important questions to ask since many consultations and procedures are not done by a doctor! In the US, it is required that the physician performs all hair transplants. Most hair transplant doctors are assisted by highly experienced hair transplant technicians. However, the doctor should always consult the patient and be in complete control at all times.

What are the Doctor’s credentials to perform hair restoration procedures?

It is important to ensure your doctor has the relevant training, qualifications, and experience to make your hair restoration procedure successful.

Am I a suitable candidate for treatment requirements?

Your doctor will assess if you are a suitable candidate for any hair restoration treatments. Suitability is based upon a number of factors, including age, pre-existing health conditions, and your hair itself. Even if you are not suitable for surgery, your doctor should be able to recommend alternative therapies to help improve your hair.

What do I need to know about before and after care?

Depending on the type of hair restoration procedure you choose to do, you may have to commit to some preparation. This could include not taking certain medications prior to your procedure that may interfere with the outcome, using hair products on the days before your procedure, or partaking in strenuous activities.

How much recovery time is required after the procedure?

Some procedures, for example, hair transplantation, require the patient to take 7 – 10 days off from physical exertion. While other treatments, like PRP therapy, have limited restrictions.  Make sure this is suitable for your lifestyle to have the best outcome.  Most non-surgical hair restoration procedures do not have downtime, but you should always check with your doctor.

Learn More About Hair Restoration in a Consultation

Hair loss and hair restoration treatments are often complicated subjects to understand. While there are various ways to research this condition and the treatment methods, online sources might not always be reliable. By taking part in a hair restoration consultation, patients are able to speak one-on-one with a licensed professional and expert in the field of hair loss and hair growth. A consultation session is not only a way to get a professional opinion and information about an individual’s hair loss condition but is the perfect opportunity for someone to ask any questions they may have. By asking questions, patients can understand more about how hair loss occurs, what causes hair to grow, how each treatment method works, what to expect, and so much more. By going straight to a reliable source, people dealing with hair loss can obtain factual information from those with actual experience in the field.

Consult with an Expert

At West LA Hair, our resident expert Dr. Melamed individually meets with every patient to ensure that they are informed about their condition and treatment options and feel at ease with any choices they make. As a hair health and restoration leader, Dr. Melamed can answer each question and assess each patient’s needs to develop a treatment plan that will be the perfect fit. Schedule your hair restoration consultation today and see how Dr. Melamed can help you achieve your hair goals today!