Stem cell therapy stimulates the body to heal itself using some of the most versatile cells our bodies produce. Every day research is still being conducted on these cells to learn more about what they are capable of and what they can do for the body. We have seen organs grown and repaired from this research, healthy cells created to replace diseased cells, and thinning hair reversed to maintain long-term results in patients. By taking your own donor stem cells, we can reverse damage to hair follicles, stimulating new hair growth and reversing thinning hair.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the blank starting template for all other specialized cells in the body. They are versatile and can form new daughter cells to repair damaged cells. From nerve cells to blood cells, brain cells to cardiac cells, and so many others in between, stem cells offer a unique natural ability to generate other new cell types.

Stem Cell Variants

Just as with other cells, there are variations of stem cells. Though these cells all offer similar functions, they can vary slightly in effectiveness.

Embryonic stem cells are the most versatile of the stem cell types. They are found only in the blastocyst, formed 3-5 days after an egg is fertilized. These cells are known as pluripotent, or cells that can become any cell type in the body.

Tissue-specific stem cells, also known as adult stem cells or somatic stem cells, are the next variation. As the name implies, these stem cells are more specialized than their embryonic counterparts. These cells generate new cell types for the organ or tissue they are found in.

Mesenchymal stem cells are similar to tissue-specific stem cells but have the ability to become more than just one type of cell, but they are not as versatile as embryonic stem cells. These middle-of-the-road cells have become known as multipotent cells due to being more versatile than tissue-specific cells with what they can become. At West LA Hair, these are the cells most commonly used to treat and reverse hair loss.

How Are Stem Cells Used to Treat Hair Loss?

Like other stem cell therapy treatments, stem cell therapy for hair loss involves extracting the cells and using their regenerative properties to encourage the body to heal itself. At West LA Hair, we use mesenchymal stem cells extracted and separated from fat to repair the damaged hair follicles.

Hair dermal papilla cells play an essential role in hair formation, growth, and cycling. As such, when they become damaged, it can lead to thinning or loss of hair. By combining stem cells with PRP, Dr. Melamed can produce one of the most effective stem cell therapy procedures to reverse thinning hair and maintain long-term results.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Like any procedure, there is always a possibility of risk. While stem cell therapy for hair loss is still actively being researched and not approved by the FDA, experimental evidence has shown that it is effective in healing and regenerating hair follicles.

At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed, a member of The Cell Surgical Network’s cell harvesting and isolation group, takes extreme caution and measures to ensure the safest conditions for each of his patients. Each step of the process is completed in a sterile and closed environment to keep your cells in prime condition to be reintroduced to your body. After the procedure, Dr. Melamed will maintain contact with stem cell treatment patients over a period of time to measure results and monitor their conditions.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Melamed today to learn more about stem cell therapy and how your own cells can be used to heal your body.