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West LA Hair Restoration is the only medical practice in West Los Angeles that has the most advanced hair restoration system and can deliver natural results. Why go through life feeling insecure or unhappy? Turn back time and look your best again with the help of Dr. Melamed.

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Dr. Melamed Makes The Difference

David Melamed, MD, is an internationally renowned, Board Certified specialist, recognized for his innovations in hair restoration. As Medical Director of West LA Hair Restoration, he not only provides the highest standard of care but also personally oversees every patient’s experience in Los Angeles. From the initial consultation, through conducting the procedure, and into post-care treatment, he provides his personal touch and expertise to help each patient attain their best results.

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Hair Restoration Therapy

Hair Restoration Therapy at West LA Hair Restoration implements a treatment regimen that treats the most common causes of hair loss in men and women. Our procedures utilize leading-edge technology to stimulate your body to heal itself. Using an advanced technique, Dr. Melamed obtains the internal essence that contains a high concentration of the life-giving fundamental protein and growth factors needed to stimulate hair growth and deliver patient results.

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Natural Treatments

West LA Hair Restoration implements the most advanced natural treatments to repair hair follicles and stimulate growth. Dr. Melamed combines these treatments with other hair restoration procedures in order to help patients achieve guaranteed results. Combining expertise with advanced medicine, West LA Hair Restoration optimizes treatments to create the most effective methods to reverse hair loss and help patients look and feel their best again.

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