ARTAS iX Hair Restoration

The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System is the most technologically advanced hair transplant system available in Los Angeles today that provides long-lasting, natural-looking results! This FDA-cleared, physician-assisted technology provides a hair restoration experience that is quick, safe, and requires minimal downtime after the procedure.

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About Dr. Melamed

Hair Transplant Specialist

David P. Melamed, MD, is an internationally renowned, Board Certified specialist and recognized innovator in hair restoration. With over 25 years of experience, he is active at the forefront of hair loss and replacement research, developing new treatment protocols. Dr. Melamed is the first physician in Los Angeles to adopt the ARTAS iX Robot, for image- and algorithm-guided hair restoration.

As medical director of West LA Hair, he has established a practice specializing in both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options in Los Angeles. He provides the highest standards of care, personally overseeing every patient’s care from the initial consultation through the procedure and post-care treatment, providing each patient with the best outcome.

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The Only ARTAS iX System in West Los Angeles

West LA Hair is the only medical practice in West Los Angeles that has the newest ARTAS iX robotic hair restoration system! If you are suffering from hair loss and want to achieve the natural-looking hair you desire, contact Dr. Melamed to request a no-cost and confidential consultation.

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The ARTAS iX Hair Restoration System is the most technologically advanced hair restoration treatment available in Los Angeles today!

  • Intelligently identifies and precisely selects your optimal hair follicles (grafts) from your donor area, rendering your procedure virtually undetectable with no linear scar.
  • Physician-assisted robotic precision protects existing hair while maintaining a natural appearance in the donor and implantation areas.
  • 3D hairline planning to create your desired, natural-looking results.
  • The advanced vision system selects and creates optimal recipient sites and simultaneously implants each harvested graft. This method provides the highest quality FUE grafts and minimizes follicle damage.
  • The world’s only robotic hair restoration system is a proprietary, patented, and FDA-cleared device.
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Hair Restoration ARTAS Transplant machine is Los Angeles

ARTAS Hair Restoration Before & After

before and after 9 months post artas Transplant
before and after 9 months post artas hair restoration
before and after 12 months post artas procedure
before and after 10 months post los angeles artas hair transplant

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Treatment and Payment Options

The total cost of your treatment will vary of the length of time needed to complete your treatment. Start with a consultation to determine the most optimal treatment for you, which will determine your cost.


You may pay with cash, check, or credit card. We offer financing through CareCredit. Click here to apply online and get an immediate credit decision.

Your Time

The Hair Restoration Program is tailored to each patient. Robotic Hair Transplantation is completed as a single visit. A treatment session requires a full-day commitment. You should rest the next day.

Should you have constraints that prevent you from making such a commitment, then we can offer an alternate treatment schedule.

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