At West LA Hair Restoration, we pride ourselves in offering the latest treatments in hair loss. ARTAS iX has revolutionized the hair transplant industry. For years, the ‘strip method’ of transplantation has been one of the only fully comprehensive options – until now. This physician-assisted technology is FDA approved and highly sought-after. Hair loss is a nationwide concern – age 35, approximately 65% of American men will notice a degree of thinning hair. By age 50, nearly 85% of all men suffer from significant hair loss.

What is Robotic FUE Hair Restoration?

Robot hair restoration is the process of using robotic technology to carry out bespoke hair transplantation treatments. It’s precise, effective, and achieves natural-looking, permanent results. One of the major benefits of this type of hair restoration treatment is that it is avoid the unsightly scars seen with traditional linear transplant procedures (FUT).

How does it work?

Dr. Melamed works side-by-side with the ARTAS iX to select the healthiest hair follicles and removes them robotically. This prevents damage to the surrounding follicles and the need to remove portions of scalp. These tiny hairs are removed from a discreet donor area on the back of your head, before being transplanted into the areas where hair loss has occurred – usually towards the front and crown of the head. This FDA-cleared technology is exceptionally accurate and significantly reduces human error. It’s a time efficient procedure, carried out by internationally renowned hair restoration specialist, Dr. Melamed.  

Why choose the ARTAS iX?

ARTAS iX is a uniquely intelligent machine. Should you choose this form of hair restoration, you’ll benefit from:
  • Intelligent graft selection – amazing results are ensured by using optimal hair follicles from your donor area. The process is virtually undetectable and leaves no linear scarring whatsoever.
  • Robotic precision – assisted by Dr. Melamed, the precision of the ARTAS iX delivers incredibly natural looking results by evenly spacing and strategically placing the transplanted hairs.
  • ARTAS hair studio – we use exceptionally intelligent 3D hairline planning to create a natural look that suits you and your expectations.
  • FDA cleared – ARTAS iX is the world’s only FDA cleared device to be used in this nature.
Over the first 3-6 months, the results of an ARTAS iX FUE treatment become more and more impressive. Hair looks thicker, bald areas are filled, and your own hair will grow permanently and naturally into your own hair style. If you’re ready to discuss this life changing procedure, please take a look at the ARTAS website and get in touch with Dr. Melamed and West LA Hair Restoration to book your consultation.