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Hair Loss in Men

Why Do Men Lose Hair?

The leading causes of hair loss in men can be attributed to the effects of testosterone on hair follicles, oil buildup on the scalp due to overactive sebaceous glands, or vitamin deficiencies. These causes can shrink the follicles on the scalp, interrupting the hair growth cycle, and causing hair to shed prematurely. The premature shedding will make hair look finer and thinner, eventually leading to baldness.

Only through professional treatment can hair follicles be rejuvenated to produce normal hairs again. Growth-factor therapy, derived from Stem Cells with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), combined with Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT), will stimulate hair follicles and increase blood flow in order to restore natural hair growth.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Male pattern hair loss, or Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), is a common disorder in men, affecting 73% of the general population. Male pattern hair loss often has a negative impact on self-image and quality of life. As men understand more about hair loss, they begin seeking treatments for long-term management to:

  • Stop the loss
  • Stimulate a healthy scalp
  • Transplant new hair when needed
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Professional Treatment

If you are a man suffering from hair loss, we encourage you to seek a medical evaluation. At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed can assess the cause of your hair loss and recommend the right treatment option for you. We offer a wide variety of non-surgical and surgical solutions to treat hair loss for males, including PRP, Low-level Light Therapy, and ARTAS iX Hair Restoration. With early intervention, you have better chances of restoring natural hair growth.

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