With so many options when it comes to hair loss prevention, hair restoration and surgical hair transplantation, it can be a minefield of information. As a renowned specialist in hair restoration, Dr. Melamed is a professional when it comes to offering the best possibly treatments on the market. At West LA Hair Restoration, we offer only the best in approved, tested and expert procedures.

PRP Therapy

Using cells from your own blood, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is an innovative and non-invasive hair restoration solution. Cutting edge technology separates platelets from a blood sample, allowing it to be reinjected into the scalp. These clever cells get to work rebuilding and repairing the damaged tissue. Due to their life-giving nature, the platelets stimulate growth and promote new hairs. Followed up with regular laser treatments, PRP is a quick, easy and effective treatment for balding, hair thinning and genetic hair loss. See results in under 6 weeks!

Artas iX – Robotic hair restoration

When it comes to aesthetic technology, the Artas iX is a true innovation. Robotic hair transplantation has revolutionized the hair restoration industry by delivering exceptionally natural results, reduced recovery times and remarkable restoration. Using 3D imaging and intelligent graft selection, the Artas selects and removes prime follicles from a discreet area. These optimal hairs are then re-implanted in the target areas. Highly coveted and FDA approved, we’re honored to be the first practice in West LA to offer this treatment.

Laser Therapy

If you’re looking for hair restoration maintenance, prevention or a non-surgical option, laser hair therapy is very effective. Popular with both men and women, laser is shown to restore your natural hair, increase blood supply to the by up 54% and stop hair loss in 85% of patients. It works by stimulating the follicles and reducing excess levels of DHT hormones – one of the primary causes of genetic hair thinning. This treatment is a popular option for female pattern baldness as it can be used on permed, dyed and treated hair without affecting the style. As with many of our specialist hair loss treatments, laser therapy is fully FDA approved.

Stem Cell Therapy

Using injected adult stem cells, taken from fat deposits in your own body, stem cell therapy works to regenerate damaged tissue. Using mesenchymal stem cells, this treatment actively repairs hair follicles that were once deemed ‘beyond repair’. Used in conjunction with PRP, stem cell therapy has almost chance of causing any form of reaction – due to the fact that it uses your own cells to regenerate your scalp.


While not used as an independent treatment, West LA Hair Restoration may prescribe Rogaine as a short-term solution. This minoxidil based product slow down hair loss by increases circulation to the scalp. Simply massage the foam into your scalp once or twice a day and see a reduction in hair loss over the coming months. When combined with other treatments, Rogaine can help to enhance their affect. If you’re concerned about which option might be best for you, or would like further details on any of the specialist hair loss treatments we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – or book a consultation with Dr. Melamed at our LA hair restoration clinic.