Whether you’re preparing for hair transplant surgery or are already in recovery, West LA Hair is here to share our expert tips from our very own Dr. Melamed. As a leader in hair health and restoration, Dr. Melamed has applied his years of experience and knowledge to give his patients the dos and don’ts of after care for a hair transplant surgery that will help them care for their grafts and achieve the hair growth results they desire.

General After Care

  • After your procedure, be sure to rest for the remainder of the day and evening. The medications from the procedure will make you tired, so it will be important to take the time to rest.
  • Avoid unprotected sunlight exposure for three months. Be sure to wear a clean hat that won’t touch any of the grafts when going outside.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption 3 days before and 2 days after your procedure.
  • Smoking has a variety of factors that contribute to poor wound healing after a hair transplant. Abstain from smoking for one week before surgery and two weeks after your procedure.
  • Do not dye your hair for 4 weeks following your procedure. Avoid camouflage agents for at least 14 days after your procedure.
  • Do not rub, pick, or scratch the donor or transplant areas. These actions could cause bleeding or even dislodging of the newly implanted grafts.
  • Though rare, some bleeding may occur after the procedure. If bleeding occurs, be sure to use a sterile pad to put firm, continuous pressure on the area for 15 minutes.
    • If bleeding does not stop, please call your doctor for further instructions.

Transplant Area Care

  • Care should be taken when cleaning the hair transplant site for the first 7 days following the surgery. This is the period where the healing mechanisms of the body will secure the grafts in place.
    • Two days after the procedure, gentle shampooing of the grafts may be done twice a day.
      • Do not allow the force of the shower to strike the grafts, and do not touch the grafts with your fingertips or fingernails. Instead, use a small basin to mix baby shampoo and warm water, and pour the solution on the scalp, rinse it out by pouring water over the same area. Be sure to let your hair air dry and avoid touching the grafts for 7 days.
    • On the 8th day, you may return to normal shampooing and massage the surface of the grafts with your fingertips. Conditioners may also be applied and sit on the scalp for 5 minutes.
      • Do not use tar shampoos on the transplant area for 10 days after the hair transplant surgery.
    • After 14 days, Minoxidil (Rogaine) may be resumed.

Donor Area Care

For the first month after your hair transplant surgery, you will want to take measures to protect the donor sites and prevent scarring.
  • In the first week, days 2 through 7, you’ll want to apply a thin layer of Aquaphor twice daily. Be sure to use a clean finger when applying the ointment.
  • After the first week, days 8 through 30, you’ll switch to applying a thin layer of Bio-Oil twice daily to the donor sites using a clean finger.

Physical Activity

After your procedure, it is important to limit your activity for the first 10 – 14 days.
  • Light exercise (e.g. walking) may be resumed after 2 days.
  • Avoid raising your heart rate above 100bpm for 14 days.
  • Intense exercise (e.g. running or swimming) may be resumed after 14 days.
  • Helmets and tight-fitting hats may be worn after 8 days.
  • Sexual intercourse may be resumed after 7 - 10 days.

The West LA Hair Difference

At West LA Hair, your treatment doesn’t end once Dr. Melamed completes your hair transplant surgery. Dr. Melamed will work with you one-on-one from beginning to end. This means that he will conduct your follow-up appointments after your procedure and check on your progress to monitor your results. Are you ready to take the first step towards the hair you desire? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Melamed today!