National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Hair loss is a fairly common condition seen in both men and women. Every August, National Hair Loss Awareness Month is a time where we can put a spotlight on educating others on hair loss, also known as alopecia. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 50 million men and 30 million women experience some degree of alopecia. While hair loss is more common as people age, some people begin to see noticeable hair loss as early as their twenties.

Causes of Hair Loss

Many factors cause hair loss. For the most part, genetics has been recognized as the most significant factor in determining how people’s hair looks and how susceptible they are to hair loss. It is often believed that your mother’s genes determine whether or not you will lose your hair, but hair genetics aren’t that simple. In fact, hair genes are inherited from both the mother and father, and having a close relative with the condition on either side of the family can mean you are more likely to inherit the condition as well.

While genetics plays a significant role in determining your potential to experience alopecia, it isn’t the only factor. Other factors that cause hair loss include:

Some of these factors can be corrected, while others are side effects that are difficult to manipulate.

Hair Loss Treatment Awareness

Hair loss awareness isn’t just about the cause but also the treatment. There are various surgical and non-surgical options that can help anyone dealing with hair loss look and feel their best.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair restoration surgery has seen many developments over the years as technology and methods have advanced. These developments have made hair transplantation a safe and effective way to restore your natural hair. It is a permanent solution in contrast to other treatments. By grafting follicles from a donor area and implanting them in areas with thinning or no hair, surgeons are able to recreate a natural hairline for patients.  These transplanted follicles will continue to grow new hairs in transplanted areas, providing fuller, natural-looking results.

Modern surgery uses advanced robotics with AI to select and harvest the best hairs.  Avoiding stress, minimizing downtime, and maximizing results.

At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed brings hair restoration surgery to its highest standard by combining his expertise with the most advanced hair restoration technology. The ARTAS iX robotic technology makes all the difference. By merging experience with Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Melamed is able to select and graft the optimal donor follicles and skillfully implant them without damaging other follicles in the area. By using the ARTAS iX for hair transplant surgery, Dr. Melamed can maximize results for patients.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Maybe you aren’t ready or don’t qualify for a surgical procedure. There are still various other treatment options that your physician can recommend.

PRP and A-Cell Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and A-Cell therapy use advanced methods to create a natural solution to stimulate hair growth and repair. PRP uses your own body to heal weak and damaged follicles.  A-Cell enhances the results by stimulating growth factors. Dr. Melamed can offer one of the most effective methods to reverse hair thinning and regrow your own hair.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

As awareness of hair loss has spread, developing new methods to treat the condition has become increasingly important. Low-level laser therapy is a well-established method discovered more than 20 years ago. This treatment involves using low-level lasers and exposing the photons they emit to the scalp. These photons then stimulate using mitochondrial activity in hair follicles. By increasing the energy production in follicles, they can more efficiently synthesize protein and increase cell proliferation, leading to improved growth factors for new hair.  Dr. Melamed can guide you on the most effective laser that is right for you.

Stem Cell Therapy

Your body has special cells that can repair and replace damaged cells; stem cells are the healing cells. Dr. Melamed can harvest your own cells or use donor cells to reverse specific types of hair loss.

Hair Vitamins & Supplements

There are a variety of hair vitamins and supplements that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Some of these supplements are available over the counter, while others like Propecia are only available through a prescription from a licensed physician. At West LA Hair, we offer various hair vitamins and supplements for our patients, including Viviscal™ Pro and Votesse™. In order to find the supplement that will be the best match for your needs, Dr. Melamed consults with each patient to learn more about individual needs and hair goals. Based on this consultation, Dr. Melamed will match you with a treatment plan that will be best for your needs and desired results.

West LA Hair and Hair Loss Awareness

At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed takes every step to ensure each of his patients is able to leave our office feeling comfortable and informed about their condition and possible treatment methods. By spreading hair loss and treatment awareness to patients, we can help them make the most informed decisions when moving forward with treatment and feeling at ease with their options. At West LA Hair, it is our goal to provide a positive experience for each patient and help them achieve the hair growth results they desire. Discover how we can help you and schedule your consultation today!