Over the years, there have been several advances in the technology and methods used to stimulate healthy hair growth in those afflicted with hair thinning or balding. With more research available, patients are seeing better results than ever before. One of the most popular methods for restoring hair in the modern age has been PRP hair treatments.

What is a PRP Hair Treatment?

Also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, a PRP hair treatment is a treatment that uses a person’s blood to stimulate the body to heal itself. This procedure only uses natural materials from the body by taking and processing the plasma from a patient. This means that there is a lower chance for an adverse reaction by the body as it will typically be receptive to its own plasma when injected back into the scalp. At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed implements a high-concentrate PRP treatment regimen to treat hair loss in men and women. By using this advanced technique, Dr. Melamed is able to use the internal properties of blood that contain fundamental proteins and growth factors that stimulate hair growth.

How Does a PRP Hair Treatment Work?

When it comes to conducting a PRP hair treatment, there are typically three major steps to the process:

  • Drawing the Blood – Dr. Melamed will carefully extract the blood from the patient before placing it into a machine called a
  • Separating the Fluids – The centrifuge will rapidly spin the blood in order to separate the fluids that it is composed of. Due to the different densities of plasma and cells, they will separate from each other inside the centrifuge in order to be injected into the scalp.
  • Inject the PRP – After separation, the platelet-rich plasma will be drawn into a syringe to be injected into the designated areas of the scalp where hair is thinning, or there is balding.

This process will typically be repeated over a series of sessions in order to achieve the best results for patients.

At West LA Hair, Dr. Melamed brings his expertise and experience in the field of hair restoration to get the results his patients desire. As a leader in his field, he combines advanced techniques with the most modern technology to determine the best treatment method for each patient. Whether it be a PRP hair treatment or an ARTAS iX hair transplant, his proficiency in hair restoration methods help him deliver optimal results. Schedule your consultation today and discover the difference Dr. Melamed can make for your hair.